About Us

LAST UPDATED – 30th FEB 2019

Welcome to my website! Thank you for visiting our website. This site was really built with you in mind and we hope you will find it useful. On this blog I share articles related to android apk games MOD. As I have talent regarding game of android and iOS king of things so that I have started this beautiful blog.

About Me

My real name is Arjun Ghimire, People also call me also known as Eshnep Ghimire. This is my dream website where I share articles related to games and I share .apk games mod on this website.

My other blogs:-

Currently, I am working on 4 blogs. Here are the information about my other blogs.

If I tell you in brief then:

Eshnep: Games Informations and Apk Files

CrackPuppet: Games Tips & Tricks and MOD Files

I have some other blogs also that I have made for Earning perspective only. I will tell you about them in the upcoming future.

What are my Areas Of Interest?

I love blogging by my heart and I also do youtubing for earning perspective. If we talk about eating then I love cheese chicken pizza and Mo:Mo.

You can always connect with me at:

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/eshnep

Twitter Page: https://www.twitter.com/eshnepc

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Zf4E5xuyYljOJ5Uo1-78Q

Who Are We ?

Our website URL is modifiedapk.com this is our blog related website where we regularly or twice a week upload a blog post about Android Games , and Games Tips & Tricks. We have started this blog in 22FEB 2019. The owner and the founder of the website is Mr. Arjun Ghimire From Nepal.

Who Are The Authors Of The Website ?

Currently there is only one author on the site and the name of the author is Arjun Ghimire ( Me ). I am a professional writer and I write high quality contents.